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Our Story

When the pandemic hit, founder and CEO, Logan K, learned how to sew face masks at no cost to the recipient. As orders started to pile in and demand started to grow for her bold and statement-making face masks, Logan decided to take it to an online shop where she can continue to donate face masks to those in need. So not only are you buying the cutest items ever, but YOU are helping to give back to the community and to keep everyone safe. As Logan continued to experiment with new creations and patterns on her sewing machine, bold and statement-making denim jackets started talking to her, hence our one-of-a-kind denim jacket collection. Quality is what greatScott is all about and although we are a small boutique, we pride ourselves in excellent products and materials along with stand-out designs. 

greatScott was built to give back, keep our community safe, but to look stylish while doing it!​

Logan couldn't have done this without the help of her friends and family. Thank you to Alex F, Carla T, Kathy S, Sammi T and a huge thank you for the support, love and encouragement from her dad, Lance, and inspiration from her mom, Nancy.

Illustrated White Cats
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